Dental Erosion Flying Under the Radar

Dental Erosion Flying Under the Radar
An independent study presented at the American Association of Dental Research (AADR) in Los Angeles on March 17th, 2016, shows that The Canary System® can detect dental erosion. Dental erosion is the loss of tooth structure by acid dissolution without the involvement of bacteria.  Visual examination can only detect significant surface loss.   Dr. Clifton Carey and his team at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver

Imagining a New Reality

LEADERSHIP FOR CHANGE STARTS WITH IMAGINING A NEW REALITY.  This demands that we come to a full stop, a place where images of what is possible emerge, a place where we ready ourselves to challenge the status quo and challenge others to do so as well. Globally, with the current model for dentistry, dentists see only a small number of privileged patients who can afford dental care. However dentistry possesses a body of knowledge that has the power to sig

Form Function and Braces

Braces have become the norm today. Some kids actually look forward to having braces because all their friends have some and it is a cool thing to change the color of the elastics according to the seasons and special events throughout the year. You may think that braces are only about making teeth straight and more appealing. But there is much more to braces than that. Each tooth in the mouth is formed to meet a specific function: incisors to cut, canines t...