First Teeth Tips for New Parents

Although your baby’s teeth will not pierce through the gums until around 6 months, the enamel on all of those baby teeth is already perfectly formed. Your job is to keep that enamel perfect by starting with a few good habits early, well before the first tooth appears. Start cleaning your baby’s mouth, well before the first teeth appear. This can be easily done with a damp baby facecloth and should be done after each feeding. Here is a short video demon

Join the TeethFirst Revolution

Imagine this: Children eating one, often 2 meals per day at school without ever flossing or brushing their teeth after. Join the TeethFirst Revolution to change this. Join us in moving  the model for oral health care upstream where it belongs, starting in elementary schools! Why? Because if we do this, we can eliminate dental disease in children and improve the oral health of everyone in our community. This fact has been proven by some of the most solid

TeethFirst Celebrates its Success

With the end of the school year, TeethFirst celebrates its success in Park City. The school year ended just a few days ago. For TeethFirst this meant celebrating the success of our after-lunch-floss-and-brush Pilot Project at McPolin Elementary School and celebrating a successful semester-long partnership with Park City Center For Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) with 2 students who helped develop a prototype for TeethFirst's vision of making or

Is Fluoride Friend or Foe? Debunking Myths

  There has been so much debate around fluoride in recent years that it is difficult to know how to make the right choices for yourself and your family. Is fluoride friend or foe? Fluoride is both, friend and foe. But let’s make one thing very clear: used correctly, fluoride is your teeth’s best friend. Here is why: Fluoride Shields your teeth. Every time you eat or drink, the environment in your mouth becomes more acidic (pH dropping below...

Flossing and Brushing Teeth at School?

Why should flossing and brushing teeth at school be a requirement at every level of primary school education? After all this has nothing to do with education, right? Oral health belongs in the dental office and in the home. It is a parent’s responsibility to see to it that her child brushes her teeth. The child knows how to brush because he has been taught in the dental office. For many of us, this system works… to a certain degree. But this very system f