Are Your Dishes Cleaner than Your Teeth?

Are your dishes cleaner than your teeth?
Are your dishes cleaner than your teeth?

Chances are they are, unless you floss and brush after each meal like I do. If you don’t,then your dishes are cleaner than your teeth.

Think about it. Do you wash your soiled dishes only every other meal or less? Do you clean only 60% of your dirty silverware? Would you reuse the fork you ate breakfast with, unwashed, to eat your lunch?

Yet, you put all kinds a foods in your mouth, sticky, mushy, gooey foods, wait for bedtime to brush and forget to floss. That’s worse than using that unwashed fork. Actually, I would rather use that unwashed fork than kiss you.

Visit Healthy Teeth Tips to learn more on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy. When you start applying these tips, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your breath will also be fresher. Why? Because your new habits will effectively intercept the bacteria far better than any mouthwash or breath mint your money can buy. There is nothing like brushing and flossing to dislodge food particles and get rid of odor causing bacteria.

23-11-2006 2-20-01 PM_0003Ever noticed how some people’s smile appear to be more attractive, more vibrant than others? My smile is one of them. Yet according to accepted beauty standards, my smile is far from being perfect. So what is this magic component that has the ability to make a less than perfect smile vibrantly attractive? High Definition! Is it expensive? Not at all!

Take a quick trip to your bathroom mirror right now. Turn the light on and take a very close look at your smile. Turn your head in different directions so that you can see the side teeth too. Tilt your head up and down as well.

Does the enamel of every single tooth visible in the mirror sparkle when you move your head around?

Now look even closer and zoom in the area where your gums meet your teeth: do you still see a sparkle of light on the enamel closest to the gums? Are your gums pink and lying flat and tight around every single tooth in your mouth?

Now, staying this close to the mirror, turn your attention to the spaces between your teeth, bring your tongue against the edge of all your upper teeth: can you pump air between your teeth with your tongue? You need a YES to ALL these questions to have a High Definition Smile. Brushing and flossing after every meal will get you there. In other words, keep your teeth as clean as your dishes. Cost? Pennies and a few minutes every day!

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