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plan, motivate and strategy for successBusiness owners, you too can take a bite off tooth decay and other dental disease.

You can make a difference in your workplace with simple, healthy strategies that support good oral health for all!

On March 20th 2014 the World Dental Federation published a white paper, Oral Health Worldwide revealing stark facts about oral health and how oral health can be improved with a number of strategies and efforts based on collaborative and multi-stakeholders approaches.

TeethFirst, with its project SOCIETY EMBRACING ORAL HEALTH, offers realistic and cost-effective solutions to help implement small changes that will make a big difference in your community’s oral health and overall health.

Here are some suggestions on how this can be done for your community:

  • Where food is offered, provide Oh’Pals (individually wrapped disposable brushing and flossing tools). This will encourage people to floss and brush after each meal, even away from home. With every Oh’Pal you purchase, TeethFirst gives back to a school program.
  • Replace Bank Tellers baskets of lolly pops with Oh’Pals. You will support your client’s health AND a school program too! It’s a win-win!
  • In hotels, add Oh’Pals to toiletries.
  • Strategically placing posters related to CHOICE & FREQUENCY of snacks and meals as well as TRANSMISSIBILITY of the disease throughout the community.
  • In all new public buildings, additions and / or renovations, planning the inclusion of a well located and brightly indicated oral hygiene space adjacent to the eating area. This space should be unique in design and separate from the restroom.
  • Sponsor a Supervised Flossing and Brushing Program for a classroom or even a whole school in your community.
  • Support the implementation of after-meals oral hygiene programs in all businesses.
  • Invite a TeethFirst oral health specialist to give presentations.
  • Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month (February, USA) and/or World Oral Health Day on March 20th every year, shining the spotlight on oral health and its essential role in supporting overall health.

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