Oral Health Accessible to More Children: a Summit County Healthcast

Dr Marielle Pariseau shared her vision of oral health accessible to more children on February 8 2017 in an interview with Derek Alan Siddoway of the Summit County Health Department.

A volunteer at the Park City People’s Health Clinic, Dr. Pariseau speaks about the importance of supervised dental hygiene in children. Summit County has the highest percentage of children in the state of Utah who are not benefiting from regular preventive dental visits. Fortunately, Marielle has a solution: Oh’Pal, a waterless disposable toothbrush she invented to help improve childhood dental hygiene, starting right here in Summit County.

Summit County Healthcast: good oral health accessible to more children

Below are the highlights of this interview

  • Supervised / coached flossing and brushing at the People’s Health Clinic in Park City make a difference
  • Most children and adults don’t brush long enough
  • The need for baby oral health and pregnancy oral health programs
  • The essential role parents must play in their children’s oral health
  • Good oral health should not be a privilege of those who can pay. Good oral health is fundamental human right
  • Moving effective preventive systems upstream into schools will make oral health accessible to more children and ultimately more people
  • Unacceptable oral health statistics: tooth decay is the #1 childhood disease; the #1 user of operating room time in Children’s Hospitals is Dentistry under General Anesthesia.
  • Scotland’s Success Story with its National Supervised Toothbrushing Program
  • Why SIMPLE, QUICK and NOT MESSY is important
  • It’s time to let flossing and brushing out of the bathroom
  • TeethFirst drives Social Change with its Buy One Give One business model
  • Dentists can use strategic philanthropy in leading Oral Health Change
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