Empowering kids with knowledge and practices for a Cavity Free Future!

Empowering kids with knowledge and practices for a Cavity Free Future!

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Oh'Pal – The Disposable Toothbrush that Teaches!

Waterless Oh'Pal Technology facilitates the integration of Supervised Flossing and Brushing Programs in Elementary Schools.



Launch a Supervised Flossing and Brushing school program now! It is your opportunity to take a bite off tooth decay, the most common disease in the world. You can scale it as big as you want or need.


Sponsor a Supervised Flossing and Brushing Program for a classroom or an entire school in your community. TeethFirst offers a new model of strategic philanthropy in oral health care led by dentists. 

Chambers of Commerce

Business owners, you too can take a bite off tooth decay and other dental disease. You can make a difference in your workplace with simple, healthy strategies that support good oral health for all!

Teeth Wisdom

Do you know the scientific facts about teeth that will help you make wise decisions about your health. This is an important question as science connects problems in the mouth with problems elsewhere

Breaking the cycle of dental diseases

We have the knowledge to do this! Join the TeethFirst revolution Oral Hygiene as accessible as Hand Hygiene.
Park City, Utah


Community Embracing Oral Health with TeethFirst by: Inviting Park City, Utah to become the first Community to Make Oral Hygiene as Accessible as Hand Hygiene. Park City is the perfect crucible
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Innovative Oh'Pal


Designed for kids. Loved by adults! Oh'Pal brightens your smile, freshens your breath, tightens your gums…and, reduces your dental bills. Oh'Pal is Your Oral Health Best Friend! No toothpaste nee...
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Keyboard Research Key


This page contains important resources that serve as a foundation for TeethFirst's work and vision for better oral health. "The Objectives of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme (ORH)." World Health
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TeethFirst Logo


TeethFirst’s mission - Empowering children to a cavity-free future. Tooth decay is ubiquitous. In children, it is 4 to 5 times more prevalent than asthma and by age 19, more than 2/3 of children have
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Oh’Pal, the Toothbrush that Teaches on TV

Oh'Pal, the Toothbrush that Teaches, made its debut on Amazon! Thank you Christine, Diego and everyone at Park City Television for featuring TeethFirst's Oh'Pal on your Mountain Morning Show. Thank yo

Co-Operative Inquiry and Children’s Dental Health

TeethFirst celebrates co-operative inquiry during National Children’s Dental Health Month with a summary of all that we have done since our humble beginnings. Our focus has always been health and heal...

Dr. Pariseau - Speaker

Get to know Dr. Pariseau's innovative views on oral health and the development of the Oh'Pal through non-traditional partnerships.

An inspiring dentist and entrepreneur, change leader and award winning speaker, Dr. Pariseau speaks about teeth like no one else. She will change your perceptions about teeth, lead you to re-think your habits and spur you into action in your community. Invite Dr. Pariseau to speak about Oral Health and how the Oh'Pal is being introduced in school programs all over the country. Not a scary dentist, Marielle will inspire you with her passion about teeth as she shares her no-nonsense approach to breaking the cycle of dental diseases.

Dr. Pariseau is a 2016 Global Health & Innovation Prize semi-finalist.
-Dr. Pariseau – Speaker