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Kindergartners learn how to use Oh'Pal for a Cavity Free Future
Oh'Pal, the Toothbrush that Teaches

Oh’Pal, the Toothbrush that Teaches on TV

Oh’Pal, the Toothbrush that Teaches, made its debut on Amazon! Thank you Christine, Diego and everyone at Park City Television for featuring TeethFirst’s Oh’Pal on your Mountain Morning Show. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of sharing with a broader audience.  At TeethFirst we believe in a cavity-free future. We have been working

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Co-Operative Inquiry and Children’s Dental Health

TeethFirst celebrates co-operative inquiry during National Children’s Dental Health Month with a summary of all that we have done since our humble beginnings. Our focus has always been health and healing in a dynamic approach based on Hippocrates’ “The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it”. Our style: co-operative inquiry.

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Hygienist taking dental X-rays of woman

Does Your Dentist Take Too Many X-Rays?

Would I like to have some x-rays? I can’t think of why I would say yes to this question unless given a very good reason to allow ionizing radiation go through my body. X-rays are to be prescribed… not offered like a restaurant menu option. Last month I had my annual dental check up. I

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5 year old by smiling at the thought of a Cavity Free Future

Working Towards A Cavity Free Future

At TeethFirst, we have a vision of a Cavity Free Future and we are working very hard at turning this vision into reality. Since our last post, we didn’t sit on our laurels. We have been busy creating a curriculum for oral health knowledge integration in Kindergarten. Not just any kind of curriculum but one

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Oral Health Accessible to More Children: a Summit County Healthcast

Dr Marielle Pariseau shared her vision of oral health accessible to more children on February 8 2017 in an interview with Derek Alan Siddoway of the Summit County Health Department. A volunteer at the Park City People’s Health Clinic, Dr. Pariseau speaks about the importance of supervised dental hygiene in children. Summit County has the highest percentage of children in

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Kids flossing and brushing with Oh'Pal in the classroom

Taking a Bite Out of Tooth Decay

Flossing and Brushing in the Classroom February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and I, Dr. Marielle Pariseau, a retired dentist from Canada now living in Utah, have chosen to celebrate this special month in a unique way. On January 30th, I launched a 30day Kickstarter Campaign to promote Oh’Pal, a waterless toothbrush I invented to take a

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Women about to eat a cookie

Facts You Need to Know About Sugar

Know the Facts 1. More than Tooth Decay. We all know that eating too many sweets causes tooth decay. What we talk much less about is the fact that sugar plays a role in heart disease, obesity and fatty liver disease. It also plays a role in Type II diabetes, and kidney disease. But why do we keep

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Mountain Morning Show Park City TV Image

Oh’Pal makes its debut on Park City TV

Oh’Pal makes its debut on Park City TV! A disposable and recyclable toothbrush, Oh’Pal  was conceived and born in Park City Utah. What’s in Oh’Pal’s name? Oh is for oral health, and Pal for best friend. Oh’Pal your soon to be BFF (Best Friend Forever) is coming in February 2017 via a special National Children’s Dental Health

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Dr. Pariseau – Speaker

An inspiring dentist and entrepreneur, change leader and award winning speaker, Dr. Pariseau speaks about teeth like no one else. She will change your perceptions about teeth, lead you to re-think your habits and spur you into action in your community. Invite Dr. Pariseau to speak about Oral Health and how the Oh’Pal is being

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