Two Hours

two hours between mealsGive your teeth two hours to rest between meals: they will last a lifetime.

Two hours of rest between meals and snacks is essential for your saliva to buffer the acidity in your mouth. This habit may be an essential component of your general health too.

With almost every meal comes a drop in your mouth’s pH, or in other words, an increase in the acid levels. Every time the pH in your mouth drops, enamel demineralization occurs. When the pH in your mouth remains low for extended periods of time, the weakened enamel collapses: you have a cavity. Imagine, the hardest tissue in your whole body, more than twice as hard as your bones, disintegrates because of imbalanced nutritional habits. What other organs in your body are affected by your eating habits?

Give your teeth a 2 hour break and they will last a lifetime.

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