Oh’Pal makes its debut on Park City TV

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Oh’Pal makes its debut on Park City TV!

A disposable and recyclable toothbrush, Oh’Pal  was conceived and born in Park City Utah.

What’s in Oh’Pal’s name?

Oh is for oral health, and Pal for best friend. Oh’Pal your soon to be BFF (Best Friend Forever) is coming in February 2017 via a special National Children’s Dental Health Month Kickstarter Campaign.

Would you put dirty dishes back into your kitchen cupboard? Sticky forks back into the drawer? What would your kitchen smell like if you did so?

But you do that with your teeth all the time. You have a meal, go on to do something else without ever thinking of the food particles you leave around and in between your teeth to feed the bacteria. Do you floss and brush after every meal. Yes, great! If you don’t, you might want to keep on reading.

Your teeth are engineering marvels

Your teeth are far more valuable than fancy dishes, even the ones you only use when you have spacial guests over. Each one of your natural teeth is an engineering marvel with a sophisticated suspension and sensors guiding your jaw muscles to chew your food without incident.

A black sports car on a dark background.

Even the fanciest sport car on the market today isn’t as sophisticated. The outer layer of teeth, enamel, is the hardest tissue in the whole body. Enamel is more than twice as hard as bone, and truly designed to last a lifetime. But for the majority, enamel doesn’t last a lifetime because you let your teeth simmer all day long, in food debris and bacteria, wait till bedtime to brush, in a rush, and forget to floss.

Ever wondered why you wake up in the morning with jungle mouth? What do you do? You rush to the bathroom to do a quick brush, a 20 seconds special, with a truckload of minty toothpaste to get rid of that awful smell and taste.

You brush before bed, go to sleep for 8 hours and brush again. Then you go the whole day, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without brushing or flossing a single time. This doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Before:Broken tooth, After: tooth fixedTeeth have the least ability to heal.

When you cut yourself, even so badly that you need to go to the emergency room for some stitches, your skin will heal, become whole again. Teeth can not do that. You break a leg: all you need is to immobilize that leg with a cast for a few weeks and your bone heals, becomes whole again. Your teeth can not do that. A drilled and filled tooth is no longer whole, is less of an engineering marvel, no matter how good your dentist is. And a root canal treated tooth has lost its ability to guide your jaw muscles when you chew.

Think about teeth under this new light. Engineering marvel, hardest tissue in the whole body with the least ability to heal, don’t you want to take better care of them?

Here is a secret: floss and brush after each meal and you will have in-your-face fresh breath all day long and you will not wake up again in the morning with jungle mouth. That’s what I do. That’s what I have. And I never use breath mints.

Of course I am going to say that. I am a dentist. But it is bigger than that. Your toothbrush stays locked in your bathroom because flossing and brushing are messy. It’s not that simple to carry around everything you need to floss and brush after a meal when you are not at home. What do yo do with the wet toothbrush?

Oh’Pal makes it easy

At TeethFirst we went to work to design a solution that would make it easy and mess-free to floss and brush away from home.


Oh’Pal is the result of our work. Oh’Pal your soon to be BFF makes flossing and brushing anywhere, anytime simple, quick and mess-free. You don’t need a sink or running water. You don’t even need to spit. 4 easy steps, 1 and 2 floss floss, 3 and 4 brush brush. We designed Oh’Pal for kids but adults like it to. It’s fun to do the 1-2-3-4. Floss floss brush brush. Seriously its fun. And it trains you to floss first.

What’s best about Oh’Pal, it gives a child the possibility of flossing and brushing after lunch in school. For each Oh’Pal sold, Team TeethFirst gives one to a school program. Oh’Pal teaches. TeethFirst gives.

Oh’Pal makes it easy for you and your child to floss and brush after every meal  wherever you are, at work, at school or on the go. Become the early adopter of a movement that will rewrite the story of tooth decay. Say yes to Oh’Pal for a cavity-free future.

Imagine your children and grand-children living their entire life without having their teeth drilled and filled. Now that’s a true BFF!

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