Community Embracing Oral Health with TeethFirst by:

  1. Inviting Park City, Utah to become the first Community to Make Oral Hygiene as Accessible as Hand Hygiene.

    Eliminate Tooth DecayPark City is the perfect crucible for such a project as its population is quite representative of the population of United States. TeethFirst has worked collaboratively in many non-traditional oral health stakeholders in Park City, from high school students enrolled in the PCCAPS program, who participated in the prototyping and survey designs, to Junior high school leadership students designing an oral awareness campaign, to Kindergarten beta testers who offered valuable input into the design of prototypes. Involved in the conversations leading to a new model for oral health in community were school principals, teachers, students, cafeteria personnel, school nurses, a custodian, and Recycle Utah. Taking the time to hear all these voices, to listen carefully to what they had to say was a crucial part of sharing our passion. The wisdom these individuals contributed to the design is simply priceless.

  2. Raising the awareness of the importance of making oral hygiene as accessible as hand hygiene after every meal consumed away from home.

    Students, employees, travelers and countless other people spend much time away from home. Yet, the oral hygiene model we currently have is centered around the home bathroom. This doesn’t serve us well. Easy access to oral hygiene regardless of where you work, travel, study or play is an essential component  of oral health.

  3. Creating Oral Health Innovations to facilitate the transition into Community Embracing Oral Health.

    TeethFirst is currently invested in designing products, systems and services to facilitate the transition towards Community Embracing Oral Health. Oral hygiene will no longer be confined to the home bathroom.

  4. Supporting the community shift with educational presentations in schools, businesses and at health fairs.

    Sharing our passion is an intuitive part of the work we do. The interesting thing we are currently discovering is that our passion appears to be contagious.

  5. Expanding to other communities throughout the country.

    Park City’s main industry is tourism. Visitors to Park City will witness the shift to Community Embracing Oral Health by Making Oral Hygiene as Accessible as Hand Hygiene everywhere in town, on the slopes and in the restaurants. Quite naturally, some will want to take their Park City experience home.

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